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Rattan woven chair optional notes

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Modern life, people pay more and more attention to leisure and comfort, so, the chair came out of nowhere, and in a short time quickly by people"s pursuit. Among these, chair of chair of cany braid condole and iron condole chair are quite popular, compare to iron art condole chair, cany braid condole chair is warm in winter summer cool, tactility is more comfortable, so also more welcome. But, cany braid condole chair also has certain drawback, that is it is easy deformation sends crispy, maintain trouble. How does the cane braid chair with good quality choose and buy? What is the note that picks up cane to braid condole chair?

1. Look: is the material of rattan woven chair good?

Cane makes condole chair, besides requirement manual compilation craft is exquisite, modelling is novel and beautiful outside, main is to examine material to pledge is good. If cane material surface rises furrow not smooth, explain the cane that this suspension chair USES is not mature enough, its toughness can compare poor, intensity is inferior, be broken easily or corrode. The material that the cane braid condole chair chooses material to be very cultured, requirement quality of a material is hard, thick of head end is consistent, among them yunnan cane material is qualitative more recommend, it is Indonesian the country such as Malaysia next.

2. Shake: shake to see if the chair is solid.

Buy chair, recommend to go to brick-and-mortar store, such, you can try chair by hand whether firm, grab the edge of two side of chair, shake a few times, the frame that feels chair is firm and tenacious. If you choose the chair to swing up to feel the skeleton has a loose feeling, that means the quality of the chair is not good.

3. Touch: is the surface of the rattan woven chair smooth?

The cane braided chair of good quality, the surface is smooth do not tie up hand, when consumer people are choose and buy, can touch personally, this reflected the problem on the material of condole chair and craft, if condole chair surface is rougher, that explains the workmanship of condole chair and select material have a problem.

4. Look: is the surface of the chair shiny?

Choose the cane chair, end or return to the step, this time, we need to see whether the chair of the surface gloss of the uniform, if there are spots, different color and traces of eat by moth, if uneven luster or spots, then process does not reach the designated position, if there are traces of eat by moth is the material quality has a problem.

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