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Description of mounting method of chair

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1. When we receive the goods, we should first check the instructions to see whether the materials of various accessories are complete and whether there is a lack of accessories. If there is a need to timely feedback with the store to complete the parts before installation, so as not to cause inconvenience to the installation. There are also commercial packing spring will be placed in the chair base pipe, the inspection should be carefully these.

2. After that, we need to classify all kinds of parts, so that we can get the materials for installation. The first thing is to loosen the screw nut on the bottom rack of the chair.

3. Next, we need to remove the pull spring that is hanging on the screw. This step should be taken with extra care to avoid hurting hands.

4. After that, we need to put the bracket into the base pipe, align the bracket with the port and then insert the screw.

5. After that, we need to tighten the screws and nuts with force. If necessary, professional tools should be used to tighten them, so that they can be used safely.

6. Next, we need to put the hook into the top hole of the support.

7. Although its main body has been installed at this time, we must not forget to hang the spring.

8. At the end, we need to connect the chain and the spring, and then put the hanging basket on it, so that the whole installation is completed.

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