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Common Problems

How should condole chair choose and buy?

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1. See clearly the material of the chair; if the chair is made of rattan, the most important thing is to examine whether the material of the chair is good, except that the craftsmanship of manual compilation is fine and the shape is novel and beautiful. If cane material surface rises furrow, explain this furniture is to use tender cane processing and become, toughness is poor, intensity is low, break easily and corrode. Cane art furniture USES a material to be fastidious, besides the cane that USES yunnan, a lot of cane material comes from the southeast Asia country such as Indonesia, Malaysia, these cane quality of a material is hard, thick end is consistent.

2. You can grasp the edge of the chair with both hands and shake it gently to feel whether the frame is stable or not.

Wipe the surface of the chair with the palm of your hand. If it is smooth, you will feel it is right.

4. Take a look to see if the surface of the chair is uniform and has spots, different colors and moths.

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