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What material does household condole chair material have?

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1, wrought iron

Iron art household condole chair is very good, everybody knows iron is very hard, accordingly, the service life of iron art household condole chair is very long. We can see, tie yi condole chair is to be put in tropical area to use, the color of tie yi condole chair and circumjacent tropics amorous feelings is very suitable. The chair has capacious chair body, can hold next two people, carry on a dish of fruit and family to meet here when leisure, have sweet taste very much?

2, cany art

Actually, generally speaking, cane art condole chair is particularly common. The furniture that cane art pledges is one of furniture that is very old in China, cane art condole chair is to use cane to pass a series of processing to make and become, the character of cane is tough, use it to make condole chair is the choice that recommends. Rattan art balcony chair looks very have the flavor of restoring ancient ways, can let us experience Chinese ancient furniture heartily, this also is the inheritance of a kind of culture, historical review!

3, imitation rattan

The condole chair that copy cane material pledges and cane art condole chair is very different, the product that copy cane condole chair is a kind of be similar to or replace cane art furniture. The material of copy cane condole chair is done not have different with cane art condole chair on exterior, look carefully nevertheless word, can discover little a kind of natural feelings. At present the furniture that has a lot of copy cane to pledge on the market, also be very welcome nevertheless, because cane art furniture is not so easy get, people also reduced requirement.

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