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Is the chair safe? What are the safety precautions for the chair?

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1, pay attention to protect the rope, sling chair is particularly important is the rope hanging chair, if the string problems, chair may can"t normal operation, if the rope broke down when people sitting above, it would be more trouble, therefore, regularly check the rope to the chair and maintenance is necessary, we examine whether the rope aging, if it is, as much a rope or change a new rope, so as to avoid surprises.

2, pay attention to clean the chair, we are generally made of rattan chair, because of the rattan material is comfortable, and the quality of the cane is not very big, the rope is relatively easy to bear the quality of it, it will last longer, and clean up the hanging chair when we should use water and detergent, clean after it dry, and for not please clean the part of the oil we should paint it, remember not to wipe out the part of the above, because the uneven material may be caused by accidental scourge, as for the metal part will suction machine, suction out the dust, reoccupy does cloth to wipe.

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