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19/5000 Indoor swing chair - indoor swing chair manufacturing installation

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Step 1: measure and drill

Measure and use a drill pin to make sure each hole is arranged horizontally so that the frame is balanced. Mark 2 inches and 3.5 inches from each end on two wood tips that are 1.25 inches in diameter. Mark the last one at 3.5 inches from each end.

Step 2: keep it clean and fixed

Use sandpaper to wipe and polish the wood chips, and pass two thin wood tips through the holes of two thick wood tip 5/8 respectively to make the chair frame. Both ends of the fine wood tip must be left about 1 inch outside the frame. (tip: at the intersection of the wood tip, screw in a screw with the electric drill to fix the four wood tips, so that the swing chair is complete. The frame is fixed at a higher position before weaving, which is easier to operate.

Step 3: weaving

Take out about 1/4 inch thick rope, need 16, megan 26 inches long or so. Take a piece of string and hold it in front of each other. Wrap the end of the rope from top to bottom around the end of the wood. When all is woven, your frame has 26 ropes. (hint: the weaving technique here is called a "square knot." Start with 4 ropes on one side and sweep the left end of the rope to the right across two adjacent ropes, then pass under the right end of the rope. The rope on the right is just the opposite. The rope on the right ends passes under two adjacent strands to the left, passes above the rope on the left, passes through the bend and is pulled tight.

Step 4: fixation

Take a 1/2-inch thick rope, cut a 120-inch piece of string, fold and tie it in half, then make a loop, and hang the loop where you think it is high for the next step to be successful. Take three thick wood tips and tie the ends of the rope through the holes of the stick. The length of the rope between the top ring and the holes is about 20 inches.

Use the rest of the rope to tie and secure through holes at each end of the thick wood tip above the frame. The stick is about 30 inches.

Finally, take 1/2 inch rope, cut two 65s long, pass through the holes at the bottom of the frame and tie them at the end. The rest of the rope is connected with the stick above. (tip: hang the homemade swing chair and adjust the length of the rope to make it smooth)

Indoor swing chair is a kind of recreational toy. It is very comfortable to have a homemade indoor swing chair. As mentioned above, if indoor swing type condole chair is made in the home oneself, more beautiful and also more practical, can recall a childhood already, also can let the child be in the sea of joy.

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