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Installation method of bedroom chair - introduction of the installation method of bedroom chair

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Now bedroom is installed inside condole chair more and more popular, narrow space also can accommodate condole chair, little space is big warmth, after busy one day, the mood that relaxes a day above recreational condole chair. Dormitory hanging chair is often referred to as the single hanging basket chair at the same time not like steel tube material hanging chair, do not need to be fixed support, is particularly important is a basket, the basket tied down with ropes and the rope is one of the important support components, hanging chair can be fixed above the double-layer structure of the bed of the bedroom, around the middle of the two bed can install a hanging chair, full use of space, the function of the hanging chair can put to good use. Of course, there are other installation plans, the rope is fixed above the steel frame of a bed, the lower hanging chair, can skillfully play the function of the hanging chair.

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