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Bedroom chair installation method - a general tutorial for chair installation

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Installation course of the first step, decide the position that good condole chair installs, want to have enough space to put condole chair, surroundings cannot have occlusion thing, have occlusion thing condole chair lost its value, accordingly, fixed position is very important, in dormitory where, the balcony is above still installation is in the study.

Step 2: install the tutorial, open the installation instructions, and check whether various components and accessories are complete according to the schematic diagram, and check whether there are small parts in the steel pipe to avoid missing.

Step 3: install the hanger rod. Unscrew the hanger rod. Assemble the supporting parts of the hanger rod together according to the instruction. Align the button.

Step 4: install the tutorial. Hang the sling spring. Connect the basket and chain together. In this way, the installation of the whole chair is completed.

Step 5: install the tutorial, check all parts of the chair, whether the steel pipe is connected, whether the screws are tightened, and whether all parts are connected completely and harmoniously. This is mainly the inspection of safety.

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